Sacred Glass Collection

The Sacred Glass Collection benefits Little Friends at HAB preschool, which partners with families to develop children’s curiosity and flexibility through exploration. We invest in the future with our preschoolers by connecting with a past that has made us the place of grace we are today. Each shard of glass contained within the art in the Sacred Glass Collection, some of which are broken, some still stained from the aftermath of the fire that burned down the HAB sanctuary two days before Christmas in 2007, tells a story – a story about finding God even in our sorrow, embracing the future, connecting with our community, loving our neighbors. It is a story that shares a shard of our history with you and shines light into our lives together. Each

piece of the Sacred Glass Collection you
purchase supports Little Friends 100%. Each piece is
unique, hand-made, and one of a kind. The collection is

limited, and items will be sold on a first-come,

first-served basis.

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001 Sacred Glass Sun Catcher Ornament .j
002 Sacred Glass Sun Catcher Ornament sm
005 Sacred Glass Ornament.jpg
017 Sacred Glass Earrings 14k gold fille

Meet the Artists


After graduating as a math and art major from Meredith College in Raleigh, Bette Len Mitchell worked for six years at IBM as a systems engineer, installing software all over eastern NC. She always loved art, often crafting her own masterpieces. She designed and created glass panels for the 1914 house she and Jack occupied in Tulsa, and for ten years studied bead weaving with Amolia Willowsong, the Master Weaver who taught Bette Len to make exquisite jewelry from treasures such as Swarovski beads, semiprecious gems, and freshwater pearls. Bette Len has chosen to share her remarkable gift with Little Friends by creating some of the truly lovely works of art in the Sacred Glass Collection, each one from the shards of the old stained glass window.




Danielle Clark, owner of artist’s studio House of Pale, has experience in both the service industry and in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, which played important parts in her final career choice. Although she grew up in West Virginia, her family roots are in north Florida, where she was raised by an architect and a dental hygienist, both having positive impacts on her comfort with visual interpretation. She said that working with her hands always felt “embedded” in her being. She is now a full-time artist and the mother of two nine-year-old boys. She was taught to cut glass while working on a renovation in Springfield, realizing many years later that she could use this skill as a means of creative expression. Little Friends is blessed that Danielle is willing to share her astonishing skills through her creations from the shards of old stained glass window in the Sacred Glass Collection.