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Frequently Asked Questions about Donations

Are contributions deductible for income tax purposes?

Yes. Little Friends Preschool is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are fully tax deductible.

How are donations spent?

Every penny raised by Little Friends Preschool is spent on the children and educational materials. Nothing is spent on salaries or for any other reason than those directly related to the children’s education and development.

How will I know that my money is truly accountable and that Little Friends Preschool will do what it says it will do?

Trust is a big part of any partnership, such as the one Little Friends Preschool has with its parents and supporters. We maintain meticulous records of all revenue and expenditures and we report our financial condition to the federal government each year by filing a Form 990 which is prepared by our Certified Public Accountant and which we certify as accurate and complete. More importantly, we make our annual Form 990 available to the public by posting it on our website, where you may see all the details.

How much should I give?

Every gift makes a difference in the education of the children to whom you are giving. The most significant gift to us is the gift that is significant to you.

How will I know what you have done with my gift?

You may rest assured that every dollar you give will be used for the children’s educational materials and development – your gift will not be used for routine operating expenses such as salaries or maintenance of the facilities.

Will I get a receipt for my gift and for my tax return?

Yes, a printed receipt will be mailed to you at your address when the donation is made. This receipt will meet all IRS requirements.

What Parents are Saying...

Little Friends has been critically important in the life of my family and to my children. I have always felt that every penny I’ve ever donated for anything to do with Little Friends has been only a small repayment for the great gifts it has given me and my family.

Chris Folds