Age 3 to 4 Years

The Little Friends preschool classroom is a fun setting that focuses on your three’s development of new skills. Their inquisitiveness is always a challenge, and their constantly developing thinking abilities are amazing in their sophistication. They are capable of stunning discoveries and explorations that would be gratifying in a teenager, and their grasp of academics demonstrates how ready they are for VPK and then “big school.”

Facts About the Preschool Program

  • Our Preschool Program is designed for three-year-olds
  • Ratio is 12 students to one teacher, and every teacher has an assistant

Preschool Hours

  • Monday - Friday, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Extended Day hours begin at 8:00 am and end at 5:00 pm.
  • Pricing is dependent of option. Please refer to our preschool pricing.

Three-Year-Old Preschoolers

Three-year-olds are amazingly independent, individual thinkers!

  • continue remarkable intellectual and physical development at a mind-boggling pace
  • converse in complete sentences, make keen observations
  • begin to think together with others, collaborating in play
  • enthusiastically participate in community service projects, which are introduced at this age
  • begin to be more self-disciplined about lunch and snack times, and start to form groups

This year is a very big year for the three’s. They recognize sounds and letters and drawing, and go from tactile touching to sounds as they prepare to enter VPK. Our tools are designed to fit their little bodies, for example, with large crayons for small hands. “Handwriting Without Tears” supplements the overall curriculum. The “Learning Without Tears” material for this age is specifically intended for the inquisitive three-year-old mind

At this age, children love group activities, as well as individual exploration. We offer a great structured learning environment with lots of experiential learning through such resources as our S.T.E.A.M. Lab. Scientific thinking really begins to show at this age. Teachers ask questions that make them search the world around them for answers, and then explain those answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I walk my child to class?

You may walk them into the main building and to the door of the classroom area, where you will hand them over to their teacher to go to their own classroom to see the other children.

What other things besides daily snack and lunch do I need to send with my child?

A list of items for Preschool children may be found in Supplies.

What if I am late getting my child to school?

Little Friends Preschool uses the ProCare phone app so you can let us know right away. If we do not hear from you by 10:00 am at the latest, DCF mandates that we must report the absence to them immediately, and they begin an investigation into the child’s absence.

Although my child is toilet-trained, what if they have an accident while at school?

One of the items on the required list of supplies is a change of clothes for this very situation.

Will my child have a rest period every day?

Nap time is every day after lunch for all children through age three.

What's the difference between Preschool and VPK?

Preschool and VPK, or Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, are often confused. Preschool is for children who turn three on or before September 1, while VPK is for children who turn four on or before September 1.

VPK is a time that helps children prepare for kindergarten. Preparation and deeper learning are the focus, with more structure than Preschool. Leaving VPK, your child should easily transition to the upcoming Kindergarten year.

How much does preschool cost?

Little Friends has different preschool class times and tuition rates to fit your schedule and budget. Please see our Tuition Rates and Pricing page for more details.

Are there any other considerations when it comes to placing children in classes besides age?

Although age is a premier factor in placing children in classes, your child's developmental and emotional age is taken into serious consideration. We work with your child's personal situation and the parent's wishes in placing the child into the appropriate class.

Have additional questions?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What Parents are Saying...

We had our daughter at Little Friends from 18 months old through their VPK program. We felt so loved and safe having her in their care. Every morning she’d be excited to see her friends with whom she’d been in class for years. Now she’s in kindergarten and doing very well. We credit the teachers at little friends for helping us prepare her from a young age to jump into school and recommend them to all our friends looking for a preschool.

Shannon Hansel

Now Accepting Applications

Little Friends would love to have your son or daughter join us for the upcoming school year. Space is limited, so please apply.

Preschool girl clapping and singing