Toddler Daycare

Age 2 to 3 Years
Toddler Daycare

The Toddler Daycare classroom is a friendly learning setting that focuses on your two-year-old's development of new skills. Their use of language grows every day, during the same period when scientific reasoning and mathematical abilities begin to appear. Our “Learning Without Tears” curriculum ensures the enjoyable mastering of individual skills and realizing new interests in academics through creative thinking, art expressions, and outdoor learning, all the while at play.

About the Toddler Daycare Program

  • Our Toddler Daycare Program is designed for two-year-olds
  • Ratio is 11 students to one teacher, and every teacher has an assistant
  • Our “Learning Without Tears” curriculum concentrates on fine motor skills

Toddler Daycare Hours

Two-year-olds are terrific, truly awesome, and yes, energetic!


  • are, oh wow! talking, walking, climbing, jumping, running, overflowing with energy (often more than YOU have!)
  • have a rapidly growing vocabulary, acquiring new words every day
  • can sort shapes, colors, and different categories of things
  • may show a great interest in potty training (or not!)
  • have BIG feelings, are capable of tantrums
  • use simple sentences, engage in pretend play
  • are independent and use new thinking skills
  • know they are separate beings from others

As always, we read, read, read to our two's. They love to witness and cause actions and reactions, love to throw things up to see them come down, turn lights on and off, open and close cabinet doors. As they move in age toward turning three, they are likely to become more rigid and demanding, oppositional and quite difficult. They have learned the power of "NO" and use it!

Girls tend to develop slightly faster than boys, and they may move through certain developmental milestones more quickly. They love repetition and sameness, and like to repeat your words back to you. They learn social and emotional readiness skills and recognize sounds that match with marks they make on paper. We believe routines work best with this age group, and try to maintain a regular schedule. Toilet training generally takes place during this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be allowed to accompany my child to his/her classroom myself?

You may walk your child to the main entrance, where he or she will be met by the teacher and taken personally to his new home-away-from-home classroom.

Where do I drop off my child?

The main entrance to Little Friends Preschool is on the north side of the HAB campus, between the building and the baseball fields. You may walk your child up the sidewalk beside the playground, to the right, to the main entrance to the preschool, where the teacher will meet you.

Can I walk my two-year-old to his/her classroom myself?

You may walk your two-year-old to the main entrance, where their teacher will meet you and carefully and lovingly take your child to the classroom to meet the other children.

What are your requirements as to vaccinations and school physicals?

We follow the Florida Department of Child and Family (DCF) vaccination rules. The completed forms are due no later than the first day of school.

How does Little Friends handle toilet training?

We ask that you send a change of clothes for your child, and the teachers gently and soothingly encourage continence.

How will I know what my child did in school all day?

Our teachers will let you know using the Procare phone app if you turn on “Notifications” in the phone app.

Can I make changes to my Emergency Contacts and Pick-Up Persons if I can’t pick up my child?

Yes. Use the Procare phone app to let us know.

What if I am concerned or upset about something? How do I contact the teacher?

Use the Procare phone app to contact your child’s teacher to make an appointment to see him or her.

What other things besides daily snack and lunch do I need to send with my child?

A list of items for Preschool children may be found in Supplies.

What if I am late getting my child to school?

Little Friends Preschool uses the ProCare phone app so you can let us know right away. If we do not hear from you by 10:00 am at the latest, DCF mandates that we must report the absence to them immediately and they begin an investigation into the child’s absence.

Have additional questions?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What Parents are Saying...

It's hard to put into words what Little Friends means to us, but the teachers and the love they have for all of the sweet kiddos at Little Friends are mostly what makes it such a special place for our boys (and us). The teachers and staff pour their hearts into taking the best care of our kiddos each day, and the kids are constantly learning and having fun. We have been very impressed with the curriculum at Little Friends and especially love that our boys' personalities are recognized and appreciated by their teachers. We are so very thankful for our Little Friends' family and all that they do. We highly recommend Little Friends to any family needing daytime care and an incredible support system for their kids and family!

Leah Goryl

Now Accepting Applications

Little Friends would love to have your son or daughter join us for the upcoming school year. Space is limited, so please apply.

Preschool girl clapping and singing