Our Programs

Nurturing the Whole Child



MAP (or Music and Arts Program) allows our students to explore learning in music and art lessons.  Music and art help students develop motor skills, improve language skills, strengthen critical thinking and problem solving, develop cultural awareness, and improve their overall academic progress.


Garden Lessons

Students also participate in weekly garden lessons in the HAB Community Garden.  During this time, students get to actively participate in the planting, growth, and harvesting of flowers and vegetables as well as learning about the simple science behind healthy gardening.



Students are given opportunities each week to visit the library.  We often have special guests come read to the students, as well as give them the opportunity to check books out.



We are blessed to have chapel once a week with one of the HAB ministers.  Students enjoy an age appropriate Bible story and lesson.



In addition to all of these wonderful activities, students receive an age appropriate education in the core academic subjects.  This includes the foundations for phonics, science experiments, and basic math like shape identification and simple addition.


Physical Education

In addition to normal recess, students have structured P.E. weekly to strengthen both their minds and bodies.